Learning Lines


Project Information

The videos explore my journey through a self initiated task, in which I had to learn a piece of text off by heart through repetitive learning. When looking back over the videos of my sessions I could see a lot of repetitive elements within them, for example I touched my face a lot, swore, sighed, and fidgeted with the pen throughout each video. I focused on these elements for one of the video outcomes to highlight the subconscious repetition that was involved in learning the lines. For the other video I focused on the first line of the script, this was the line that was the most ingrained in my subconscious by the end, and so I wanted to show this in a visual way. Throughout the filming and editing process I ensured the videos remained very real to give people an honest insight into the repetitive learning process.

These prints were created as developments of my Learning Lines videos (a self initiated task in which I had to learn a piece of text off by heart through repetitive learning). The storyboard print uses screenshots from the videos to create an engaging journey with a sense of progression and flow across the images, the result being dynamic, intriguing, but also quite comical. The expressive screenshots paired with a monotone aesthetic highlight the highs and the lows of the process making it feel raw, personal, and relatable. 

The markings print shows the sheet I used to learn the lines, with my notes included. The sheet was scanned and the markings warped and repeated to create a dynamic visual representation of the learning process, with the rough, sketchy, raw aesthetic acting as an insight to my own thought process. 

In this monologue print I have reorganised the words to group the repetitions of each word together. The aesthetic of the text is very formal and combined with the negative space suggests importance, when in reality the words no longer make sense as a monologue, they only highlight the repetition of words.